Join the Launch Team Family!


We are so excited that you are prayerfully considering partnering with us in launching TGP Beaumont. You are not only partnering with us, you are also partnering with Christ. Jesus said that He is building His Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. (Matthew 6:18)

We believe one of our greatest roles as a church is to help people reach their full potential in Christ. We want to see you grow spiritually, thrive in your everyday life and use your God-given strengths and abilities to help lead others into a life-giving relationship with Jesus Christ.

As a part of the launch team, here are some things that you can expect from us and the lead team of TGP Church:
• To be prayerfully dependent upon God.
• To regularly pray for you.
• To work hard and to work smart.
• To be faithful and diligent with every resource entrusted to us.
• To live a life in pursuit of holiness and integrity.
• To lead by example.
• To genuinely care about you and our community.
• To help you succeed.

Let us know if you have questions. We truly believe God is going to do something significant through TGP and we hope you’re a part of it!

Pastor John & Pastor Jeff


What does it mean to be on the launch team?
A launch team member is an individual or family that has decided to help us launch TGP Church. In essence a launch team member works alongside the lead pastors and lead team of TGP.

Do I need to have ministry/church experience?
Prior ministry experience is not necessary. We will have several launch team trainings that will prepare you for your specific role prior to the launch.

Do I need to live in Beaumont?
While it is encouraged that you live in Beaumont and as close to our launch location as possible, it is not a requirement. As long as you live within driving distance to attend meetings, trainings, events and our gatherings you can live in your location of choice.

What is the time commitment?
This depends upon your specific role and will increase as the launch date approaches. On average we will meet 2 times a month leading up to launch Sunday. You are also asked to be involved in the lives of those around you.

When will TGP launch it’s first public worship service?

Do I get paid?
There is no guarantee for compensation or employment. As the church grows in the future, there is a possibility that some launch team members may become staff members. We can guarantee an adventure of a lifetime and being a part of something significant.

Where will launch team meetings be held?
Launch team meetings will be held in various locations within the Beaumont city limits.


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